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January 2018
Kicking Off The New Year In Swing Time
By Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune
"high-spirited music-making...worth savoring...fresh rather than nostalgic...a classic-swing collective...Van Nuis and guitarist Brown opened the proceedings in buoyant fashion, and when the rest of the band came roaring in, you realized how seriously they take the meaning of “swing.” The singer showed her interpretive savvy...light-and-silvery vocals and, better still, a saucy manner of delivery that emphasized the art of the double entendre."
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November 2018
The Americans Petra van Nuis and Andy Brown lend the All Saints holiday in the Neustadt Jazz Club a really special note
By Henning Gaiek, Die Rheinpfalz (Germany)
"No ordinary jazz duo, like the ones you see everywhere...sometimes she sounds like an early Billie Holiday...she sings very poetically...completely free of sugar-coating...musical magic."
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September 2017
Both FINE and DANDY: Petra van Nuis, John Di Martino, Nicki Parrott, and Hal Smith at the Cleveland Classic Jazz Party
By Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives (blog)
"I came away from this quietly glowing set feeling that I had heard the songs in emotionally satisfying ways. This delicious interlude is the result of Petra's sensibility: her nice mix of delicate yet intense feeling and buoyant swing...I'm still grinning."
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September 2016
Petra van Nuis and Andy Brown: Nuance Over Flash
By Sandor Slomovits, Ann Arbor Observer
"Singer Petra van Nuis and guitarist Andy Brown could legitimately be called Chicago's First Couple of Jazz...Her vocal quality stays seamlessly the same throughout her range, and her straight-tone style, with no hint of vibrato, is highly expressive. Her naturally cool, hip, yet engaging demeanor provides the perfect foil for these suave and sophisticated songs..."
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September 2017
Petra's Recession Seven Live at the Jazz Showcase
By Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives (blog)
"an irresistible swing...phrasing that sounds conversational but is full of small sweet improvisatory surprises and a joyous confidence. Like Petra, the Recession Seven never falters but it never sounds over-rehearsed and reheated. The gratifying results come from devotion and earnest study, with musicians so expert that they thrive on risks and are happily loose."
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May 2011
Highly Emotional Classics - American Duo Petra van Nuis and Andy Brown at the Neustadt Jazz Club with Popular Standards
By Hans Kraus, Die Rheinpfalz (Germany)
" enormous vocal range...full of nuance...a lot of expressivity, which she conveys very great as to have been repeatedly applauded in mid-performance by the audience, who was enthusiastically swept along..."
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September 2009
Petra van Nuis/Andy Brown Chautauqua 2009
By Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives (blog)
"Petra is a find: she has a delicate focused voice...has beautiful lilting time and musical wit....and she’s no Imitation..."
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May 2011
Jazz Brunch With Petra and Andy
Weisloch Woche (Germany)
"The packed Wiesloch Jazz Club...experienced international class...Petra van Nuis captivated her audience from the first song with her highly expressive and versatile singing..."
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October 2013
A Top-Notch Duo - Petra van Nuis and Andy Brown Win Over the Birklehof
Badische Zeitung (Germany)
"Petra van Nuis made the lyrics accessible to her audience in a loose, relaxed and entertaining manner with her very melodic and supple voice, which is both expressive and varied. As a duo, they both harmonized perfectly and understood each other almost blindly."
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Jan 2010
Songs for your supper as Katerina's spotlights jazz vocals
By Neil Tesser,
"Her reading of lyrics tells a listener than she knows things, with the easy confidence of someone who doesn’t have to prove that she knows things...she gets to stretch and purr."
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April/May 2008
The Two Katerinas
By Randy Freedman, Chicago Jazz Magazine
"The voice, the timing, the phrasing, the look, and everything else was all working and she was hitting the musical equivalent of a grand slam home run in baseball right there in front of me..."
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September 2012
Performance Review
By Frank Mulvaney, Jersey Jazz
"The dramatic way she flawlessly interpreted the lyrics of a dozen songs without the slightest stumble was reflective of great respect for the composers...rising star vocalist..."
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