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November 2017
Petra van Nuis Interview
By Rita Juanita Mock, Jazzgroupiez
"I enjoy when the magic happens...the real magic that occurs when everybody's listening to each other and the audience really hears something…When you really feel that sincere emotion...that moment when you really connect with yourself, the other musicians, the audience. When you feel those sparks fly...every time you take a chance and you release yourself and surrender in your brain—that little critical voice stops yapping at you. You can really explore without fear and feel and hear something."
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May 2014
Duo take jazz, one another, to heart
By Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune
"I don't know what it is about us, but we've always hung out with people older than us," van Nuis says. "It is an amazing thing to see and hear those of a previous generation still so vital and still growing creatively. It is so inspiring."
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November 2014
WBEZ Chicago 91.5 (NPR)
Listen to Petra and guitarist Andy Brown's performance/interview with Tony Sarabia, host of "The Morning Shift"
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March 2014
WRHU 88.7 FM (Radio Hofstra University)
Listen to Petra's interview with John Bohannon, host of "The Jazz Café"

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