Petra Sings


From Rick Kogan's Chicago Tribune article "Duo take jazz, one another, to heart"
[photo by Andrew A. Nellis]

Headlining the 32nd annual Michelob Women in Jazz Fest (Dayton, OH) with guitarist Andy Brown, bassist Joe Policastro, and drummer Bob Rummage

With pianist James Dapogny, guitarist Andy Brown, bassist Paul Keller, and drummer Pete Siers
at the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, MI

At the Geomatic Attic playing for the Lethbridge Jazz Society's anniversary in Canada
[Photo by Donna Kroeger]

With clarinetist Eric Schneider and guitarist Andy Brown

At Katerina's in Chicago, IL [Photo by Hallie Loewy]

With singer/bassist Nicki Parrott and singer Rebecca Kilgore after the "Red Hot Mamas" set at the Roswell Jazz Festival

Petra's Recession Seven [Photo by Bill Klewitz]

In front of the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton (Canada) after playing for the Edmonton Jazz Society

With guitarist Andy Brown at the Jazz Club Neustadt in Germany [Photo by Linzmeier-Mehn]

Petra's Recession Seven

with pianist Dennis Luxion at Mvie in Chicago, IL

With guitarist Andy Brown at the Chautauqua Jazz Party in Chautauqua, NY [Photo by John Herr]

At Pops For Champagne in Chicago, IL [Photo by Marc PoKempner]

Petra's Recession Seven at the Chicago Jazz Festival

With guitarist Andy Brown at Le Pirate Jazz Club in Germany

With (l to r) singers Jackie Allen (and son), Jeannie Lambert, and singer/pianists Judy Roberts, Daryl Sherman, and Audrey Morris at Chambers in Niles, IL

With guitarist Andy Brown [Photo by Marc PoKempner]

Singing at the Roswell Jazz Festival with trombonist Dan Barrett, pianist Rossano Sportiello, bassist Nicki Parrott, and drummer Ed Metz

With pianist Larry Harris

With saxophonist Greg Fishman [Photo by Tracey Surface - Chicago Studio Club]

Photo by Bill Klewitz

With guitarist Andy Brown at Pete Miller's in Evanston, IL [Photo by Thomas Cray]

The Swingers - 3 jazz couples who play together - Jeannie Lambert with Russ Phillips, Judy Roberts with Greg Fishman, and Petra van Nuis with Andy Brown

With guitarist Andy Brown at the Jazz Haus Heidelberg in Germany [Photo by Reinhold Grombein]

With singer Marc Pompe holding his first LP

With trumpeter Art Davis at La Piazza Sotto Jazz Club in Forest Park, IL

With singer and pianist Judy Roberts

With guitarist Andy Brown at Katerina's in Chicago, IL [Photo by Randy Freedman]

Petra's Recession Seven after a set at the Cedar Basin Jazz Festival in Cedar Falls, IA

Petra's Recession Seven at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL

With (l to r) singer/pianist Judy Roberts, Katerina Carson (owner or Katerina's), and Cincinnati singer
Ann Chamberlain - from 2007 when Petra & Judy brought Ann to perform at Katerina's in Chicago

With trumpeter Bobby Lewis, pianist Larry Harris, and bassist Stewart Miller at Pete Millers
in Evanston, IL [photo by Thomas Cray]